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Workplace Stress

Suck it up buttercup!

stressed man - Workplace Stress
Do you feel like this?

Ever heard that phrase, usually said to someone who is trying to say they can’t manage! How useful is it really? Stress on the whole is growing but, in the workplace, it’s hard, firstly to admit and then to get something done about it without risking your job. It would be great if all employers were interested in and/or able to look after their workers mental health needs, but this isn’t happening in a lot of places. The figures reflect the growing problem in the UK. According to the Mental Health Foundation in 2018 74% of adult said they felt stressed, unable to cope.  32% of adults said they had experienced suicidal thoughts as a result of stress and 16% of adults had self-harmed as a result of stress and anxiety. This is a huge problem that leads to sick days, disciplinaries and dismissals which didn’t need to happen. Looking after your mental health at work should be a priority but for whatever reason, asking for help seems to be a last resort. There are things you can do to lessen the effect of work stress and some of them are simple and quick. Just sitting and taking 4 or 5 deep slow breaths will allow your blood pressure to fall and oxygenate the brain. Leaving work behind when you go home, whatever is on your mind, write it down then forget it, the issue will still be there in the morning and its written down, so you won’t forget. Meditation helps relax the body and the mind, scented candles, exercise, laughter, spending time with family and friends. Cut down on the caffeine as this can increase anxiety and stress. Sometimes you need a little help as there are a couple of things to do which you may struggle with, saying NO and procrastination, the feelings of guilt and worry that either of these things can cause might need to be handled with care. The subconscious needs to be convinced that it is good for you to be able to say NO at times and that its not good to put off things until the point that you’re so far behind that you don’t know how your going to manage to finish it. Hypnotherapy might seem to some as a luxury, but your mental health isn’t a luxury. Looking after your body and mind should be of the same importance but no one thinks a gym membership is a luxury. Those expensive trainers to go to the gym aren’t a luxury either apparently. Hypnotherapy is one of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety long term as you are taught methods to deal with day to day stress. It can change your life.

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I have had a few sessions with Jayne regarding my severe pain in my back and legs.I was not able to walk upstairs let alone to the shop and now i can walk so much better to the point that i dont have to keep stopping or in as much pain. I can highly recomend Jayne and will be seeing her for other issues.

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