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Hypnosis: ‘A State Of Relaxation & Heightened Awareness’

Hypnotherapy Services Offered

I offer a wide range of hypnotherapy services to help each individual client with their needs. Sessions are tailor made around each clients requirements but below are just a few of the services I offer help with.

Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy can help you change your mind set about weight and food either with or without Hypnotic Gastric Band. Feeling happy with your size and shape is possible and within your reach.  Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss can work.

Stop Smoking

Are you sick and tired of the increasing prices of cigarettes? Are you worried about the effects of smoking on yours or your family member’s health? If you are serious about wanting to stop smoking for whatever reason contact me.


If you have no medical reason for not getting pregnant then the chances are that there is a psychological reason why this is not happening. Hypnosis can remove those barriers and enable you to have that beautiful baby you long for.  


Pregnancy can be so stressful even before you start to think about giving birth .  I will teach you stress and pain management which will lead to an enjoyable experience for you, your birthing partner and your baby

Stress & Anxiety

Stress & Anxiety can be debilitating and can cause serious and ongoing health issues. Do you miss out on social and family events? Are you in a high pressure job? Bring those stress levels down to a safe and manageable level.

Fears & Phobias

Fears & Phobias can be paralysing but they do not have to rule your life! Take control and be able to live without that fear. This is within every ones reach with the help of hypnosis. The world will open up and you will no longer feel fearful. 

Pain Management

Pain can be crippling and seriously impact day to day living. Medication doesn’t always help and you are left just wishing for some sort of release from the pain. Hypnosis can help in many instances. You can learn to manage your own pain relief and not rely on chemicals. 


How badly do you want that new job or promotion? Are you tired of fading into the background because your too shy? Let me a give you a new perspective on life. With hypnotherapy sessions you will feel stronger with each session and more confident, ready to face every day without nervousness. 


There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to depression, heart issues, diabetes, impairs judgement and can affect libido. These are just a few examples, however insomnia is reversible and Hypnotherapy sessions with me can help you.

Fear Of Flying

Does the thought of getting on a plane fill you with dread? Are you missing out on those family holidays or visiting friends and relatives? Would you love to book that dream holiday? Hypnotherapy can give you that freedom.


Are you sick of having to watch everything you eat to try to avoid those painful flareups?Would you like to be able to eat what you want? Hypnotherapy can help to seriously improve your symptoms.

Exam Nerves

Does the thought of sitting an exam make you feel physically sick? Do you want to pass that driving test or that exam? Hypnotherapy can help you on your way to success and ready to face that exam.

Contact Me & Book Now

I have had a few sessions with Jayne regarding my severe pain in my back and legs.I was not able to walk upstairs let alone to the shop and now i can walk so much better to the point that i dont have to keep stopping or in as much pain. I can highly recomend Jayne and will be seeing her for other issues.

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