What is confidence and why does it matter?

Confidence is that feeling that everything will work out great and you will achieve whatever you put your mind to. Fairly simple isn’t it?

Unfortunately, many people can’t find this inside themselves and feel that they are not good enough for other people, jobs, and general activities.

Why does this matter?

It matters because so many people are falling short of their dreams! They decide that they are not “good” enough for a job that they would be perfect for. They put up with abuse in relationships because they feel that they do not deserve more! They put off doing something they have wanted to do for a long time because they won’t succeed, and it generally reflects on all parts of their lives.

To achieve anything in life you must find the confidence to make it happen! And it can be anyone who has this problem and there can be diverse reasons for it which I will go into in a later blog. This lack of confidence has to be resolved internally. Other people can help boost it but ultimately it is the person who must look inside of themselves and ask why they feel this way and what can they do to become a confident and assertive person.

No one is born with this lack of confidence, babies are into everything and will attempt nearly everything, even if it terrifies the parent. This is a learned behaviour. If it’s learned it can be unlearned.

How can I gain confidence?

Therapy is a good way to achieve this, looking into yourself and what may have happened to trigger it is really the only way to deal with it permanently. Some people like to talk others don’t so the type of therapy you choose is important. Counselling is one of the ways to go but can be a drawn-out affair trying to get to the root of it.

Hypnotherapy, using your subconscious can get straight to the heart of the issue and although may not be a one-time visit, can help you deal with issues and gain confidence without you needing to even say out loud what the cause was if you’re not comfortable talking about it. Although if you don’t know it is the best way to find out and deal with the root cause. Visualisation techniques can be taught during hypnotherapy sessions and reinforced so that when you leave the room you will take the feeling of confidence with you.

Confidence is something many people take for granted but for the ones who have grown up without it or lost it through some situation or relationship it can hold them back from experiencing some wonderful things in life. Let me help you to gain the confidence to go for your life goals, call or email to book your free consultation.

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