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Be Happy

Just be happy! Sounds so simple doesn’t it? Its not though really is it? Working a job you don’t particularly enjoy, not always enough money

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Workplace Toxicity

For some people it is a joy to go to work every day because they love their job and the people they work with. For

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Workplace Stress

Suck it up buttercup! Ever heard that phrase, usually said to someone who is trying to say they can’t manage! How useful is it really?

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Gaining Confidence!

Sometimes we are too busy with life and get side-tracked from things we know we need to deal with, then we think that perhaps we’ve

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What Is Anxiety?

Have you ever had those feelings of dread? Sweaty palms, heart racing, feeling hot or cold, when going for an interview, or before some other

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I have had a few sessions with Jayne regarding my severe pain in my back and legs.I was not able to walk upstairs let alone to the shop and now i can walk so much better to the point that i dont have to keep stopping or in as much pain. I can highly recomend Jayne and will be seeing her for other issues.

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