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Hypnosis: ‘A State Of Relaxation & Heightened Awareness’

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Jayne Richardson

Clinical Hypnotherapist Dip, Hyp, Isch, GHR

I have a background in customer service and care but was looking for that ” ideal” career. After having some hypnotherapy sessions myself, and investigating alternative medicines, I realised that this was what I wanted to do. I trained with Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnosis and have set up my own practice. I feel strongly that medical intervention is not the answer in many cases but GP’s do not have the resources to help in any other way. Hypnosis is a powerful tool and I want everyone to be able to take control of their own futures.

What is Hypnosis?

In order to allay some of the fears and misconceptions about hypnosis, It is important to stress that what takes place under hypnosis is safe, natural, non magical, and produces very predictable results.

There is absolutely no question of being controlled or manipulated, or even induced into a hypnotic state against your will.  People in hypnosis are not “asleep”.  On the contrary, they are often more aware than usual of what is taking place, and their senses function more efficiently than normal.  people cannot be made to do anything that they do not want to do.  people who say or think, “nobody can get me under”, ‘I wouldn’t want anybody controlling my mind” or who say “But i might blurt all my secrets out”, are simply demonstrating that they have a total misconception of what hypnosis really is.

The state of hypnosis, which is a totally natural phenomenon, is very pleasant and very relaxing.  Under hypnosis people can converse very easily.  It is impossible for them to come to any harm.  indeed, the centuries-old technique of hypnosis is being used increasingly as an adjunct to orthodox medicine.  It is proving a valuable alternative to drugs for anaesthesia, and has been found to accelerate healing, accelerate learning, relieve stress, control pain and increase performance.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and hypnotherapist is merely a facilitator who uses techniques to help clients into self hypnosis and then to facilitate a positive change in behaviour.

It is for this reason that no one could possibly be hypnotised against his or her will.  In order for any hypnotherapist or stage hypnotist to hypnotise another person, FULL cooperation is required at all times.

Quote from Brian Glenn, 

Founder of Innervisions school of clinical hypnosis

I have had a few sessions with Jayne regarding my severe pain in my back and legs.I was not able to walk upstairs let alone to the shop and now i can walk so much better to the point that i dont have to keep stopping or in as much pain. I can highly recomend Jayne and will be seeing her for other issues.

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